Hertfordshire is a childminder-led Agency

This means that the council deals directly with the childminder for anything related to funded hours. The relationship is between the childminder and the local council. This means that:

  1. You would usually need to reach out to the council to get set up

  2. An account is made for you on the online portal

  3. You are responsible for adding funded children onto the portal

  4. All payments are made directly to you

How to register for the 3&4-year-old scheme

  1. Send your application by filling in this online form

  2. After your application has been reviewed, they will get in touch to collect your bank details.

  3. Once you have completed and returned the documents to the council, a ‘provider portal’ login will be created for you. You can use the portal to claim funded hours' payments.

How to register for the 2-year-old scheme

  1. You must already be registered on the three and four-year-old scheme to join the two-year-old scheme.

  2. Once you have a provider portal login, please send your application by filling in this online form.

  3. After your application has been reviewed, you will now be able to add children to both schemes using the same login details.

How to claim for 2-year-old funding

After you have registered to offer funded hours and now have a family interested in using 2-year-old funding, the family will need to confirm their eligibility with the council and provide you with an eligibility code to you. You can then use this code to add them to the portal and claim funding.

For a family to confirm their eligibility and get the code, they will need to fill in this online form


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